2019 Stewardship Grant - Request for Proposals


Purpose of the grant:  WCA developed the Stewardship Grant to facilitate and fund stewardship projects that improve the sustainability of climbing areas in and around Wisconsin. We believe that getting more people actively involved in caring for and developing sustainable climbing areas will enable the climbing community to take on more projects and build the community’s reputation with land managers.

Application review process:  After the application deadline, the WCA Grant Committee, consisting of 2 WCA board members and 1 WCA member, will review and score applications based on the criteria listed below. The Committee will select projects and will submit a funding recommendation to the full WCA Board. A quorum of the WCA Board will make the final decision on which project(s) to fund and how much funding to award to each.

Eligibility criteriaThe WCA Stewardship Grant is open to all applicants, including individuals, nonprofit and for-profit organizations and businesses. We will consider applications for stewardship projects that will improve the sustainable use of climbing areas or access to climbing areas. We will not fund projects to install or replace bolts. Applicants may propose stewardship projects in or around areas that are open to climbing as well as areas that currently prohibit climbing but that would be suitable for climbing if we obtain access in the future. This Grant is open to any stewardship project that meets the grant purposes identified above, including the following types of projects:

o   Trash pickup

o   Erosion control

o   Graffiti removal

o   Trail maintenance


Available resources, funding distribution, and grant reporting:  WCA will award up to $1,500 in 2019 to a successful applicant or applicants to complete a stewardship projects . The application should detail how the applicant plans to use the funding, including itemized estimated costs. On completion of approved projects, the applicant should submit receipts, an itemized invoice, and brief grant report to WCA to receive the grant funds. The grant report should detail the work completed and the outcome of the project. We encourage the grant recipient to submit photos with the grant report so that we can share your success with our members.

Proposal format:  The Applicant must provide the following information in the application.

●        Applicant’s name, address, and contact information

●        Applicant’s past experience with stewardship or similar projects (or related experience)

●        Location of project area

●        Landowner or land manager of project area

●        Brief description of proposed project including steps needed to complete work and anticipated outcomes

●        Necessary supplies

●        Itemized list of estimated costs

●        Individuals, organization(s), or volunteers expected to participate in the project


An important component of any stewardship project is getting permission from the land manager. We encourage applicants to contact land managers or landowners to get permission to do the project before applying. However, we are also willing to work with a successful Applicant to get the land manager or landowner’s permission.

Selection criteria:  The Grant Committee and WCA Board will consider the following factors in selecting the grant recipient:

●        Whether estimated costs are reasonable

●        Value to the climbing community

●        Demonstrated need for the project

●        Scale of the project, including whether it would lead to more stewardship projects

●        Unique projects that provide new opportunities or tackle problems that have been difficult to address in the past


The Stewardship Grant is available to any applicant who proposes a stewardship project that meets the grant purposes identified above. However, we may give preference to the following applicants and projects:

●        Applicants who are WCA members

●        Nonprofit or individual applicants

●        Projects in Wisconsin

●        Applicants who can complete the project independently and do not need help from the WCA board


Application deadline:  Extended!! The deadline to apply is Friday, MArch 15 at 12:00 p.m. Please submit applications via email to wiscoclimber@gmail.com. The Grant Committee and WCA Board will review applications and make a final decision by Friday, April 5 at 5:00 p.m.