The Altay Classic Trad Climbing Challenge 2019

The Altay Classic Trad Climbing Challenge 2019

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The Wisconsin Climbers Association presents The Devil's Lake Bouldering Competition and The Altay Classic Trad Climbing Challenge.

Altay Classic Trad Challenge

Starting and ending at the White Pine Shelter (South Shore Beach Parking). East Bluff from Railroad Amphitheater to East Rampart.

What routes:
Routes and grades will be based on Ole Swartling’s guidebook (3rd edition), and Jay Knower's Devil's Lake: A Climbing Guide, whichever has the higher rating. All the routes listed in the guidebooks are considered "in".

The 10 and 15 route challenges are team challenges. Those teams that complete either number of routes will earn glory and a prize.

Comp Scoring:
There will be two divisions, Rec (any grade up to 5.8) & Open (any grade up to 5.15). You may climb any grades within your division, but grades beyond the published division grade will not be counted. You will be provided with a score sheet at the pre-comp meeting.

  • less than 5.2 not scored

  • 5.2-5.3 5 points

  • 5.4-5.5 10 points

  • 5.6-5.7 20 points

  • 5.8 30 points

  • 5.9 40 points

  • 5.10 50 points

  • 5.11 and up 60 points

Points are for leader and second’s clean ascent - if either one falls, no points. In the event of a fall by either the leader or second you can lower to ground and start over, leaving gear in if leading, but you must pull the rope. One lead per climb per team for points.

Winners of each category (Rec & Open), as well as team challenge prizes.


NO SOLOING, this is a lead comp, be safe and place gear early and often!
No stashing food and water, you must carry all your gear with you to the crag.

Signing up:

$35 per individual if you are looking for a partner. $70 per team if you are signing up with your climbing partner.

See you out there!

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