Our Mission

The Wisconsin Climbers Association mission is to serve as a voice for Wisconsin climbers. The WCA fosters connections within the climbing community, and addresses access issues while promoting stewardship of the land. 


Who are we?

First and foremost, we are advocates for Wisconsin climbing. Our collective voice is what makes change. Take a moment to learn about the board members who help work directly with the parks and legislature to represent climbers in the state of Wisconsin.


Andrea Fellenz

Andrea Fellenz is far and away the most focused board member out of the group and does her best to keep us on track when we inevitably roll off into a tangent about which beer is better than the other.  Additionally she’s an absolute machine on a bike and an incredibly strong boulderer.  Be kind to her as she’s the one that controls your scorecard during our comps!


John Dobbe

John Dobbe is the originator of the WCA and the mind behind the original Boulder Bash.  He’s an exceptionally motivated individual and has a love affair with good pastries.  Somehow he manages to still crush at the boulders and we can confidently say he’s done Highly Executed more than anyone else!  Saying he has it wired would be an understatement.


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Kyle Harding

Kyle currently works full time as an adaptive physical education teacher outside of Milwaukee, and seasonally at Adventure Rock climbing gym and Devils Lake Climbing Guides. When he is not feeding his climbing addiction, he can be found spending time with his wife or enjoying the outdoors through other pursuits!

Jill Griffis

Jill enjoys exploring all the lake has to offer and working to spread knowledge of local ethics, helping on trail crews, and educating new and experience climbers as a local guide for Apex Adventure Alliance.  She feels it is important to educate others to be stewards of the land.  Jill loves the fuzzy feeling you get while cragging with your friends and chilling hard after. 




Doug has been climbing since 1975, and volunteering for about as long. In addition to the WCA, he is active in the Friends of Devil’s Lake and the Chicago Mountaineering Club. As a little kid, he aspired to be a garbage man … and now he is living the dream, picking up trash in parks! He also gets a lot of satisfaction from graffiti removal, too.


Dave Erickson

Our By-laws